All About Legs!

Who doesn't love a split?! In this workshop you will learn all the secrets to develop the most beautiful flexibility and lines for your legs. The focus of this workshop is on Splits, Over-Splits and Straddle flexibility, as well as a bonus section covering flexibility in the back leg of a split. Students will learn partner stretches, assisted stretches as well as many tips and tricks about how to get super flexy. Air Candy teaches a vey safe, clean technique that will push students to their limit, prevent injury, and get students to reach their flexibility goals. This workshop is open to all levels of flexibility - if you can make a split already or not. This is a 90 minute class. The class is taught in English language.


Bending Over Backwards!

This Workshop is focused on developing a range of flexibility in the spine and shoulders and all things backwards. Students will learn correct and safe back bending techniques with special attention to elongating and not 'crunching' the spine. Beginning with a cobra we will warm up the spine and finish with preparation for chest stands. You will learn intense shoulder & back stretches. Exercises to prepare the body for scorpion, needle scale and more advanced stretching poses. With the help of partner stretches and safe assists this workshop will have you bent like a pretzel! All levels are welcome, previous experience with bridge and some basic flexibility is recommended. This is a 90 minute class. Get in touch to learn more about pricing and scheduling for an Air Candy workshop at your studio!