About Air Candy & Keeva Treanor

Air Candy came to life in 2009 when professional ballerina Keeva Treanor made her first aerial performance onboard Norwegian Cruise Line. A new passion was born...

Training began in Dublin Ballet School, later graduating from prestigious Northern Ballet School as a Professional  Ballerina. Keeva began her Aerial training in the USA and with a lot of  determination continued her own development and is mostly self taught. Seeking out private coaching where she could, Keeva developed her own unique style based on her ballet background, she decided to dance in the air.

She combined her two great passions, Dance and Aerial - to create Air Candy. Exquisitely elegant aerial acts combined with dazzling costumes, extreme flexibility and athleticism, it is a blend of ballet in the air. Simply beautiful aerial art.

Since 2010 Air Candy is based in Berlin. As well as training & preparing her solo creations as a full time Aerial Artist, Keeva is a renown coach for flexibility & aerial acrobatics. Together with business partner Brennan Figari, Keeva is the founder and owner of Fl'air Studios GmbH - Berlin's premiere Aerial Training Facility.