Aerial Chandelier

The Flying Chandelier Show..

The most exquisite centre piece for any event, a grande 2 meter tall Chandelier lavished with over 4000 shimmering crystals.

Surprise and amaze your guests when the Chandelier comes to life and Air Candy literally swings from the Chandelier. She takes flight & dances through the air with the sparkling Chandelier featuring the most beautiful body lines and incredible spinning acrobatics.

This is an unforgettable act and is guaranteed to amaze every audience. 

Aerial Chandelier can also be performed as a duo act. 

The minimum height requirement for this act is 6 meters.

For all enquiries and bookings about this spectacular act please get in touch.

Aerial Chandelier - Luftakrobatik am Kronleucther - Flying Chandelier Showact
Flying Chandelier Showact - Aerial Chandelier Performance - Luftakrobatik am Kronleuchter - Air Candy