Aerial Hoop Lyra 

Keeva's first experience in the air was with Aerial Hoop. After many years of research, trial and error, blood, sweat & tears Keeva has mastered the Aerial Hoop. Now you can learn the Air Candy signature moves. With a strong emphasis on beauty, lines and flexibility you can learn the most beautiful tricks for Lyra. The workshop includes a warm up as well as tips and tricks for conditioning. Then we begin the breakdown of the tricks, how to safely get in and out of them and how to combine them in a routine. The workshops can be adjusted for all levels from beginners to advanced students. Participants must have some previous experience with Aerial Hoop before taking this workshop. The workshop is 90 minutes long. Get in touch for more information about an Air Candy Workshop. 

Aerial Silk

Keeva offers a selection of different Aerial Silk Workshops based on students wishes. A workshop focused on wraps and splits for flexibility & beautiful poses on the silk, definitely Air Candy signature moves. For those students who love to drop and fall, Keeva offers a workshop just concentrating on drops & clean safe technique for falling. All workshops will start with a warm up and some conditioning before going in the air. The workshops are 90 minutes and can be adjusted to suit different levels. Get in touch to learn about prerequisites for an Aerial Silk workshop with Air Candy.

How to book a workshop

Keeva is travelling Internationally as a Guest Teacher at many studios across Europe. If you would like to host an Air Candy Workshop at your studio please get in touch & together we can find a suitable date that will work for both schedules. It’s also possible to book a combination of both Flexibility & Aerial Workshops at the same time. First step is to get in touch, let me know what dates are available & we will find an opportunity to train together!