Professional Service

Rigging for an Aerial Performance is extremely specialised, there are many structural and safety elements to be considered. With her years of experience Air Candy has a vast network of professional riggers who are specialised in safety for Aerial Acrobatics.

There are many possibilities! Aerial acts can be rigged to a venues existing infrastructure or the hire of a free-standing rig is also available. For outdoor events a crane or a rack is suitable for an aerial performance. The use of a motorised winch, or pulley system is ideal for Aerial but not necessary depending on which act is booked. Specific technical information is available on request as well as a safety assessment for event locations. 

Not sure if your venue can support an aerial act? Please get in touch and I am happy to discuss the various options that are available.

Basic Aerial Technical Requirements


  • Rigging point with a minimum load of 500kg

  • Minimum height of 5 metres

  • Floor & air space of 3 metres diameter

  • Optional motorised winch or pulley system





Lets get specific

For more information including diagrams and more specific details just get in touch and let me know which act you are thinking about for your event. I am more than happy to help.