Simply beautiful Aerial Acts...


Aerial silk

Suspended in the air, entwined in the smooth fabric, Air Candy presents breathtaking choreography, extreme flexibility & death defying drops.


aerial Hoop

Floating & spinning in the air, Aerial Hoop is a classical aerial act with the aesthetics, elegance & grace of a ballerina in the air.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 13.19.35.png


Indulge in this exquisite glamour act with over 4000 crystals! Air Candy lights up the room as she swings from the Chandelier.


Aerial Moon

Pure dreamy elegance Air Candy will take you to the moon & back with this magical act.

Aerial Straps Duo

A sensual, romantic love story in the air! This unforgettable duo act highlights strength, aesthetics & incredible body lines times two!


Full show Program

Book an entire show program with Air Candy & Fl'air Artists.  A custom acrobatic show tailored for your special event!